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In a world of walled gardens, we're building tools for creating sustainable, interconnected ecosystems. The communities people create online have real-world impacts and we believe in their potential to change the material conditions of our everyday lives for the better.

Some say data is the new oil and as with oil, a small number of very powerful corporations with extractive business models currently capture the vast majority of its value.

We believe data is the new labor and that the citizens of the World Wide Web deserve fair compensation for the value they create by producing it.

We want to give you your first Personal Online Datastore, a piece of the Web that you own, where you can create and store the pictures, video, music, writing and connections that make you, you online. When big tech companies want to use your data to build their latest and greatest products, they'll need your consent. If they, (or we!) betray your trust, you'll be able to withdraw that consent at any time without losing your data.

We're looking for the creators, organizers and visionaries who will lead the next revolution in what it means to be online. To be one of the first to claim your Personal Online Datastore, sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Twitter @itmepress.